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Personalization at Scale

You can’t possibly send 1000s of different emails to each individual fan for everything. That’s where machine learning comes in. A customer data platform (we think ours is a great option) is able to  integrate with systems (including existing data warehouses and infrastructure) and determine your most distinct fan clusters in order to tell you what’s unique and interesting about them.

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Why sports franchises need to segment and personalize their marketing efforts

It’s a beautiful sight: fans piling through your doors and filling your venue with that slightly nervous, mostly excited energy. All the work from your sales, marketing, and game presentation teams is about to create memories for these fans that will last a lifetime. But how well do you really know all those people walking into your venue?

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Using Data & Analytics: Where to Start and How to Drive Value

Data & analytics has quickly become one of the more talked about subjects in the sports industry. Whether you’re a major or minor league sports team, your sales and marketing data is key for understanding how to grow fan engagement, affinity, and revenues. You are likely already collect ticketing, email marketing, survey, and CRM data, but now what?

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