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Using Data & Analytics: Where to Start and How to Drive Value

Data & analytics has quickly become one of the more talked about subjects in the sports industry. Whether you’re a major or minor league sports team, your sales and marketing data is key for understanding how to grow fan engagement, affinity, and revenues. You are likely already collect ticketing, email marketing, survey, and CRM data, but now what?

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Is a Data Warehouse or a Data Lake My Solution?

I talk to a lot of customers, business leaders, managers and technical individuals who are looking to make their businesses more data driven. The discussion usually starts off with something along the lines of “Everyone is talking about how advanced analytics or "data science" has helped their business become more profitable through better sales, cost efficiencies etc.; OR “I have a data warehouse, how can I do more? Should I build a data lake? Should I invest in data science role(s)?”

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