Actionable data insights for Minor League Sports teams


Enhanced understanding of customer segments and lifecycles allows for more relevant and timely
interactions with fans


Automated prospect and retention scoring to maximize conversion, retention and customer lifetime value


Leverage the bench strength of a full analytics team without the high costs and risks associated with
building one out internally


Automated reports eliminate time-consuming exports from ticketing and marketing systems and provide immediate insights for Marketing and Sales & Service teams


Connect customer data points from multiple systems so you can manage and understand your fan relationships from
one centralized hub



Hillsboro Hops



The Hops were interested in using data to help drive revenue and understand sales performance across their organization via increasing prospect conversion and by retaining more of their season ticket holder base. However, accessing insights in the data was difficult and time consuming. Minor league teams don’t necessarily have budgets to build out large analytics departments, so data requests are hard to get to in the course of busy daily schedules.


StellarAlgo’s first priority was to create a solid data infrastructure and reliable data asset that will serve the Hops into the future. Leveraging years of data architecture and data engineering expertise, StellarAlgo went to work.

With unlimited seat licensing, the StellarAlgo Customer Data Platform has allowed the Hops to democratize data across the organization with a single version of the truth. The Platform exposes trends, opportunities, insights and more. The Hops were able to understand demand in their venue like never before.

StellarAlgo’s Data Science Team provided Prospect scoring to help convert customers and identify priority segments for sales and marketing efforts. StellarAlgo also provided Retention scoring to help increase Customer Lifetime Value, engagement and affinity of the Hops season ticket holder base.


The organization has saved significant time by reducing cumbersome practices in manual reporting. In a season that included a single game attendance record, the Prospect Scoring Module has assisted with identifying the next generation of season ticket holders; while the Retention Scoring module has allowed for execution of strategic and targeted initiatives to retain
more of the current season ticket holders.