In The News: Alberta Innovates

Alberta Innovates - Turning Data Into New Opportunities to Engage Fans

StellarAlgo was recently featured by Alberta Innovates about how our platform enables organizations to quickly and effectively track and decipher the immense amounts of fan data they collect. Support from Alberta Innovates has helped us refine our vision and accelerate our commercialization plan.


Every time you go through the turnstile, sports organizations want you to enjoy your game-day experience so that you remain passionate and loyal—and keep coming back. It’s a challenge facing every sports organization. And it’s why many organizations are turning to data firms—like Calgary-based StellarAlgo—that use data analytics to better reach and engage fans.

Since startup in 2016, StellarAlgo has assembled a client roster that includes some of North America’s most prestigious sports teams and entertainment organizations. Like the Portland Trail Blazers, the Vancouver Canucks or U.S. Open Tenis, just to name a few.

Vincent Ircandia