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Brought together by the belief that relevant and timely data insights inspire the personalized experiences that create lifelong fans


How we drive value

An accessible single view of your customers

Consolidate all your fan data to achieve a single source of truth across all departments in your organization.

machine learning powered Predictive insights

Maximize the value of every fan with ready trained models using proven behavioral scoring techniques that get concrete results.

industry leading segmentation and attribution tool kit

It’s time to understand the why behind conversion. Track segments and identify the underlying trends around conversion and engagement levels.




The StellarAlgo Difference


Your fans and customers are interacting with you in more ways than ever before, across many different platforms and channels. Our CDP is built with user experience at the forefront - it's intuitive and easy-to-use, making data accessible to your entire organization. No SQL required (unless you really want it). But we go so much further than that. Our belief is that data for the sake of data is a waste and that insights need to be highly actionable and produce results.

Data is for informing strategy but also to swiftly execute on - it's about driving measurable returns that enhance the fan experience and impactful to the bottom line. We unify and analyze your fan data so you know what your customers want, when they want it, and how best to deliver them those messages. We're built for smart, lightening fast decisions with data that is always accurate.


Sales & Service

Sell more tickets. Bottom line.

Track year-over-year performance easily in one system so you can see yearly and game-specific trends.

We empower your sales team with enriched customer profiles from behavioral and interest data and we make sure that your reps always have the hottest leads with our propensity models.

We make it easy for service teams to keep their finger on the pulse of at-risk accounts every day, helping them to prioritize accounts that need more attention.



What is the true ROI of your campaigns, in real-time?

We give you a complete understanding of campaign performance from products purchased and revenue generated to attributes that predict fan engagement. Most importantly, you understand what's working and why.

Build great lists in a matter of minutes using deep knowledge of fan behaviors, channel affinity, and interests so you can target and personalize like never before.

The best part? No code required - so you’re ready to execute on-the-fly.

Everything you need to know about your fans is now in one place.



Add valuable bench strength to your team - because we know there's never enough time or resources.

We seamlessly integrate with all your fan data systems and/or your data warehouse while flagging integrity issues quickly. Don’t worry, you’ll always have access to the raw data for additional analysis, but now with enriched customer profiles.

What are the most innovative analytics teams focusing on? Customer Journeys. We map and visualize fan journeys and engagement across time and systems.

Empower your sales and marketing teams by allowing them to self-serve, all while keeping up-to-date on performance metrics. Make your data work for them, fast.


Your Success is Our Success

What's the point of a tool if it's not used? Our approach is different. We're hands on from day 1 and every step of the way. You’ll get to know our team intimately and love us. Our partners do.

Training? We've got you. Adoption support? We've got you. Best practices? We've got you. Exposing data issues and helping you solve them? We've got you. Using your feedback to determine new features and improvement? We've got you.

Our customer success team is dedicated to your success. Always.