Data Platform FEATURES


Understand your fans like never before. Gain visibility into how fans are migrating over time, where specific product buyers are coming from, and how your fan universe is evolving over time. StellarAlgo’s behavioral and automated scoring for both package buyers and leads along with segmentation models allow organizations to close the feedback loop on how sales and marketing efforts are performing - and why. Immediately. Decision-makers gain transparency into what’s working and what’s not like never before.


Who’s really in your venue and where are they sitting? Our ready-built demand elements help you visualize demand across your venue and events. Automated visualization of key demand attributes allow you to quickly assess your demand environment so revenue can be maximized for both the short and long-term. While assessing your demand, our Pricing Recommendations Engine™ supplies sophisticated pricing scenarios that reduce time to value and optimize pricing alignments. 


Put your data to work. Immediately. StellarMoments is our notification system powered by machine learning technology. It helps you identify and prioritize opportunities for action when they occur. Instead of taking days for an analyst to sift through data, our algorithms automatically identify opportunities (and risks) - and then reports back on how successful the action was. Just another way to close the feedback loop and see how your efforts are affecting your fans.

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