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Personalization at Scale

You can’t possibly send 1000s of different emails to each individual fan for everything. That’s where machine learning comes in. A customer data platform (we think ours is a great option) is able to  integrate with systems (including existing data warehouses and infrastructure) and determine your most distinct fan clusters in order to tell you what’s unique and interesting about them.

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Maximizing Your Season Ticketholder Renewal Rates with Data: Part 2

In the first part of our blog series about maximizing your season ticketholder retention, we walked through a high-level view of the important activities around season ticket holder renewal, as well as how data can support you in maximizing your customer conversations. In this post, we’re focusing on best practices surrounding nurturing fans at different tenure stages and how to increase their likelihood of renewal.

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Maximizing Your Season Ticket Holder Renewal Rates with Data: Part 1

Retention of your season ticket holders is without a doubt one of the most important campaigns you will run this season. A 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. Unfortunately what we often find is that with limited bandwidth and lag in information season ticketholders are onboarded and nurtured in unstructured and therefore incomplete ways.

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Using Data & Analytics: Where to Start and How to Drive Value

Data & analytics has quickly become one of the more talked about subjects in the sports industry. Whether you’re a major or minor league sports team, your sales and marketing data is key for understanding how to grow fan engagement, affinity, and revenues. You are likely already collect ticketing, email marketing, survey, and CRM data, but now what?

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Mastering Your Prices

Pricing strategies are one of the most polarizing and subjective areas of the live events business.  

Our staff has over 15 years of pricing expertise across different verticals: major league sports, minor league sports, museums, concerts, and pretty much every type of live audience business you can imagine. As experts in this area, we wanted to share some approaches and strategies to consider. Ultimately there is no one size fits all approach, but there are ways to continue evolving and improving pricing strategies to benefit of your revenues, attendance, customers, and brand.

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Is a Data Warehouse or a Data Lake My Solution?

I talk to a lot of customers, business leaders, managers and technical individuals who are looking to make their businesses more data driven. The discussion usually starts off with something along the lines of “Everyone is talking about how advanced analytics or "data science" has helped their business become more profitable through better sales, cost efficiencies etc.; OR “I have a data warehouse, how can I do more? Should I build a data lake? Should I invest in data science role(s)?”

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