See You At the 2018 MiLB Promotional Seminar!

Are you headed to the 2018 MiLB Promo Seminar? So are we!

At StellarAlgo, we help teams grow revenues by automating the data they already collect (think: ticketing, marketing automation, and/or CRM). Through our platform’s machine learning capabilities, we focus on giving our clients actionable insights that maximize season ticket holder renewal rates, identify that next generation of season ticket holder, and capture sales opportunities as they occur so teams can take action when it’s most important. With StellarAlgo, you get a 360-degree view of your fans and easily understand their behaviors over time.

So what better fit than to gather with the best and brightest minds in minor league baseball at the 2018 MiLB Promotional Seminar? We’re headed to De Moines, Iowa from September 24 to 27 to join hundreds of executives to share ideas, meet other enthusiastic minds and grow as leaders.

As teams strive to become more innovative and data-driven, we’re excited to add value and to be a part of the journey towards a deeper understanding of your fan segments and providing actionable insights.

Be sure to stop by Booth #25 at the seminar’s trade show and enter to win a free data assessment! You can check out our recent blog post to learn more about the types of insights we’ve already provided to some of your peers. If you want to set up a meeting at the seminar in advance, send a note to Megan at!

We hope to see you there, and if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out!